Chanhassen Rotary Club Sponsors Famous American Impersonation Contest!

ImpersonationThumbThe Chanhassen Rotary Club is sponsoring a “Famous American Impersonation Contest” in conjunction with Chanhassen’s Fourth of July Festival.

Prizes of $250 (first place), $125 (second place), and $75 (third place) will be awarded.

Through costume, role-playing and props individual contestants or pairs are asked to impersonate any non-living famous American from any period ranging from our country’s Founding Fathers to the present. Participants are asked to portray a historic American who has contributed to or influenced American history in an inspiring, positive way.

Contestants should pre-register for the event. To register by phone, call Mike Howe at (612) 267-2907 or to register by email, contact Leah Kirkwood  at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please provide your name(s), character(s) you plan to represent, contact information, and a paragraph on who you will be impersonating and how your character positively influenced American history.

On the morning of the Fourth contestants should arrive in costume at the Rotary 4th of July Car Show Exhibitor Tent, no later than 11 a.m.. Contestants will be provided refreshments, a makeup station and shaded resting area but are encouraged to mingle with the public who will be attending the occasion.

Judges will be present and identified as they mingle with contestants. Contestants will be judged based upon the quality and detail of their costume(s), and trueness to their historical figure and era. Candidates will not be judged based on how much their character contributed to American History but rather by their performance as an impersonator.

The top three impersonators will be announced at noon and prizes awarded.

Following the contest, winning contestants will take part in the Chanhassen Fourth of July Parade, by riding in a convertible (provided by the Rotary Club of Chanhassen) for the duration of the parade route.


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